Introducing a World of New Users to Social Media

I’m preparing a free ‘cheat-sheet’ for joining or changing Twitter account information. There seems to be plenty of intelligent people out there who are next to clueless about how to do this.

This will be basically a boiling-down of the plethora of information I’ve digested in the last week or so since signing up with my initial account on Twitter. I’ve been on Facebook now for over a year and I learned so-much-more in the last week after being on Twitter than I had in the last year on Facebook. Why, it’s complicated, but perhaps because I’ve already starting referring to Twitter as “Facebook on SPEED!” Perhaps because it’s been a journey of accelerated learning that Facebook started, but Twitter really ignited in me.

My working title is: “How Twitter Changed My Life in Less Than One Week!” with a sub-title of “The Top Ten Things You MUST Know Before Joining the Social Media Revolution on Twitter”. Any comments or suggestions about either of these? I’d love to hear from this community.

NOTE: @unmarketing just said: “Out of 90 ppl in the room, 2 had heard of Twitter. Le sigh” We’re the leading-edge still people! The Twitter-World is our NEW oyster…


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